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Audit, Accounting, Tax Advisory Services


After many years of work experience in audit, accounting and tax advisory services, as a team of very well acquainted professionals that complement one another in our knowledge, skills and competences, we established Company “KLS REVIZIJA” d.o.o., Beograd. As we matured, we felt the need to offer to the market high-quality services based on expertise, trust and professional relationship with the clients.


At “KLS REVIZIJA” we believe that the best strategy is team work. Collective contemplation, work and approach to our engagements provide a synergy of our ideas and solutions. We firmly believe that each client requires a specific approach for which need to create solutions according to the clients specific demands and needs.


We are here for you, ready to face new challenges.

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If you are:


  • Ambitious and hard-working
  • Committed to work and willing to be part of a team
  • Motivated for learning and advancement
  • Looking for personal professional affirmation


Send your CV to posao@klsrevizija.rs

People with the above listed qualities are always welcome to our team.